Sustainable Saturdays

Lawn Care

Now that it is spring many homeowners are starting to get ready to take on outdoor improvements. I have tilled a couple gardens already this year, a month ahead of when I usually do. Lawn care is another thing that is on many people's minds, I hope they choose wisely if they decide to apply fertilizers or pesticides.



I am doing some work in my bathroom this week and installing a bathroom fan. Ventilation is often overlooked or done improperly, so this weeks Sustainable Saturdays is about installing a proper vent in your bathroom. I will cover other vents for the kitchen in a later article when I take that on this spring. Ventilation is an important about keep the IAQ safe for your family. If done improperly it can cause more problems than it will solve, so I wiil cover the basics.

Lead Test

This weeks Sustainable Saturdays is for people who own a home built before 1978. This is inspired by a client I am helping get a water damaged wall patched and ready to paint. Being an EPA certified RRP I went through the process of using a lead test kit before starting the work. Drywall and plaster can be difficult to get an accurate reading, so I used lead safe practices anyway.

Whole House Humidifier

It is a little late in the season to think about installing a humidifier, but it will make the home more comfortable and energy efficient. Here in the mid west, the heating season will tend to dry out the house to a point of being uncomfortable. Also, dry air does not retain the heat very well making your furnace run more often.

Upcycle Materials

As I stated in my last Sustainable Saturday post, this week will be spring related. I reclaim materials frequently, when feasible, and store it for future use. My clients often like the fact that I upcycle materials that otherwise would have ended up in a landfill. This week I am cleaning up my shop and garage so I am going through all of the things I have recovered from last year.


I will get into the fun stuff soon, but this time of year some of the most sustainable projects you can do is regular maintenance. Your furnace works had this time of year and it is essential to keep it running smoothly. One of the easiest projects is replacing or washing the filter regularly.

Smoke Alarms

Tis the season to check smoke detectors. Every year it is important to change the battery in your smoke detectors to make sure the are functional. If you have hard wired or battery operated smoke detectors more than eight years old they need to be replaced too. It only takes a few minutes and can save lives.