Residential Code

For builders and tradesmen, the residential code is a set of minimum standards for comfort and safety in the home. Often, it is best to exceed these standards for energy efficiency and environmental benefits. These standards are set by the ICC (International Code Council) and published every three years. Here in Michigan the code is amended and released about two years after the ICC releases their update. Enough of the legal stuff for now, I use the term residential code on this website to describe a lifestyle.

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I use the term term to describe a sustainable lifestyle homeowners commit to following. Residential Code is a commitment to do things in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. From the three R's which are reduce, reuse, and recycle to making the home have better IAQ (indoor air quality) and comfort. My objective is to help people take on projects themselves or make a good choice when hiring a contractor.

I am developing this resource to walk you through many repairs, upgrades, and environmental improvements on your home and property. I am redesigning this website to make it easier to find information with multiple device support. I hope to get this right the first time so we will be moving slowly the next month to make a clean fast loading resource for you.

As a Michigander, I respect all of the natural resources we have here including the worlds most valuable resource which is the fresh water of the Great Lakes. I have practiced sustainable building for fifteen years learning more effective ways of accomplishing projects. As new sustainable products are released I research them to see if they are viable and test them on projects around my home (and with clients if they request it). I have made my home in Ann Arbor a net zero storm water runoff property and reduce the energy consumption of my home in a cost effective manner.

I want to help educate homeowners why meeting and often exceeding the residential code is beneficial for you and the environment. I deal with the codes on a daily basis in my work and classes I offer. The last few years I have reached out to the community offering classes on rain gardens, rainwater harvesting, home improvement projects, and tool cooperatives. I have had positive feedback so I decided to make this website to have a more regional impact helping homeowners and the environment.

At first I will have the Sustainable Saturdays feed updated weekly starting in 2021. The first quarter of 2021 I will be working on the project pages and videos. Once I have enough project pages I will open up registration for the forum. There is a contact form now for you to provide feedback and offer suggestions as I want this to be a community driven website. I will have a forum for registered users that will be a subscription service. I will also have product and tool reviews to help you make decisions so you do not waste money. My plan is to have this fully featured by mid 2021 in time for the home improvement season.