Teach the Trades

As I work through my goals for 2018, I am focusing on the workshops I offer. I plan to increase my offerings so I can teach the trades to people who are interested in seeing if it may be a good career choice for them. There is a shortage for people in the trades now because people were interested in other careers. I was lucky to have shop class in school and learned the basics of woodworking, metal working, electronics, and automotive repair. I use these skills often, both in my personal and professional capacity.

My goal is to teach the trades to younger people who are curious about a career outside of an office. I have offered workshops to homeowners, but most of them want to solve a specific problem and not make a career of the trades. Being a licensed builder I have worked with the trades in the construction industry and obtained knowledge in the basics of each trade. I have also talked to tradesmen and gained a respect for each trade beyond getting my projects done.

Having an understanding gives me the knowledge to explain what is involved in the trades and how commercial and residential differs. I hope to teach the trades, at least a basic overview, to high school and community college students. I will continue to offer workshops to homeowners so they can gain the skills to accomplish home improvement task and help them know how to hire a contractor for more difficult projects. This outreach to teach the trades will help fill a void in our workforce for skilled tradesmen who want a rewarding and successful career.